art|Works Initiative’s purpose is to create an environment that lets artisans and artists focus on self-expression and art - while we provide business and technology scaffolding to make artistic endeavors successful - and scalable.

This scaffolding is the distillation of years of entrepreneurial experience, failures, successes, and learning. We’ve identified a set of technologies, operational practices, and support services that are tailored to the arts and artisan community.

We’ve picked these technologies, services, and connections to address many common problems experienced by all companies and that are felt particularly acutely by entrepreneurs - secure and robust email, document management and sharing practices, staying in touch with customers and prospects, tax challenges, business registrations, and more.

We’ve created a unified approach to managing a small business with a Technology Operating System that reduces stress unrelated to creativity, and helps artists and artisans focus on their craft while art|Works Initiative helps with the rest.

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Technology Operating System for Artists and Artisans


art|Works Initiative
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